The Documentary

A young woman just about to turn 30 realizes how harmful the contraceptive pill can be not only to her body but also to her emotions and decides to free herself from it. This marks the starting point of a quest that eventually aroused a wish to raise awareness among other women; a quest that ended up reaching an even deeper level. If the pill embodied women’s sexual liberation 60 years ago, could the mindful reappropriation of their bodies today become its new symbol?

“Surrounding myself with women for this project was important to me. I know, for having worked as a production assistant for a few years, that the film industry is a male-dominated environment, and I wanted to allow women to take up positions that are traditionally held by men. Lots of women will also speak in front of the camera, so I wanted to set up a space where they would feel as comfortable as possible. Of course we do not wish to shut men out altogether, since the idea is also to involve them in the contraception issue.”


Introducing the crew


FEMMES PROD non-profit organization

“Femmes Prod” is a non-profit organization that was founded in January 2019 and is the natural sequel to the movement that resulted from the documentary, Flower of Life. It soon became clear that a whole array of other topics – as important and interesting as the contraception issue – gravitated around it and deserved deeper investigation. Feminism, eco-feminism, sorority, sexuality, sexual education, health and environment are some of the subjects that are intricately linked to our main topic and to which the organization intends on devoting time and energy.


Through various actions: talks (in schools or elsewhere), technical workshops, events, exhibitions, meetings, support to places, structures and collectives sharing the same message. Our goal is to raise awareness, inform and promote women’s role and place in society.