“Over the past few years, the contraceptive pill has become a highly sensitive and controversial topic. I believe there is an urgent and fundamental need to get past the pro/con debate and to tackle the matter with a more human approach, because it is intimacy we are talking about. I myself have suffered through my contraception journey. With this documentary, I want to share my own experience and to raise awareness among women as well as men about this crucial issue.”


I stand
On the sacrifices
Of a million women before me
What can I do
To make this mountain taller
So the woman after me
Can see farther

Rupi Kaur (Canadian feminist poet and writer)

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27 January 2019

The multipurpose pill, risk-free?

Half the time, the contraceptive pill is believed to be prescribed for reasons other than preventing pregnancies. If you suffer from acne, painful periods, endometriosis or have irregular menstrual cycles, […]